Introducing Retail&Me

Wouldn’t it be great to be rewarded for shopping online and sent fantastic high value items, including a brand new personal iPad, absolutely FREE?! That’s exactly what we do.

But how can we afford to do this? Is there a catch?

Shoppers’ information is used every single second and is bought and sold without you being aware of it.

These shopping insights are beneficial to retailers and they are prepared to pay for them to learn how you shop, enabling them to pinpoint exactly what you want.

Retail&Me recognises these shopping insights are valuable so we make sure you are rewarded for signing up and sharing them with us. The cost of the iPad is divided up amongst our carefully chosen retail partners and we sell it to them on your behalf.

All you have to do is use the iPad and use the Retail&Me app to do your online shopping and we will reward you for every purchase you make with our retail partners. If you are not thinking of buying anything for a while just fill out some of our simple questionnaires and surveys. Either way we will credit you with R&MPS – Retail&Me Points – which you can exchange for cool items, like a pre-paid SIM, Apple TV, designer headphones or even an Apple Watch.

The more shopping insights you share with Retail&Me the more great stuff you will be rewarded with. Your insights are your currency.

There are no hidden catches. It is completely safe and secure because we protect your identity and maintain you anonymity. We will never ask for your bank details.

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How does it work?


Share your insights

We’re a retail intelligence business helping retailers and brands better understand you ‘the consumer’. They pay us for your information and we start our relationship with you having sent your Free iPad.


Build your value

Your changing insight is hugely valued by our retail partners. Participate in surveys, update your information regularly, shop with our partners to build your R&MPS points. This is your retail currency which you can track, influence and trade.


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When will my iPad be available?

Following a successful registration process, UK residents will be informed of shipment dates in 2016. For US residents, shipments are due in 2017.

No seriously, do I get a free iPad? Am I contributing any money?

Yes, seriously, it is free for you to use and no, if you follow the process and get involved, it won’t cost you a penny.